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About Me

As a photographic artist from London, I grew up surrounded by galleries and fashion publications that sparked an interest in the beauty of the human form. I studied history where she became fascinated by the human journey, and the emotions that underpin all human activity. I began to look at the use of culture to express and construct the human experience, and became inspired by how beauty and fashion can be part of this.


I began working in editorial photography as creative director of my university fashion show, and soon discovered I was fascinated with the people as much as the clothes. I later studied history of art and renaissance portraiture at Oxford University, whilst developing my own portfolio of portrait images in the studio and dark room.

My work has been featured in publications such as Vogue Italia's online platform PhotoVogue and TRLBLZR MAG, as well as showing in galleries such as Boomer Gallery, Manifold Global and PXP Contemporary.

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